Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do You Understand the Tea party?

Do You Understand the Tea party?: "
Coloradans Hold Tax Day Tea Party Rallies

Can anyone help this poor soul from the Republican Operative Understand the Tea Party? Do you understand the tea party???

Help Me Understand the Tea Party: ”

I am a progressive american,I vote democrat, but hopefully only for those not bought by special interests. I have a hard time understanding what the tea party people are angry over. I hear there is anger over taxes, yet in my view, taxes are far to low, but more importantly, taxes are the lowest they have been in 50 years, and even obama has cut taxes back a bit. Why so angry overtax rates when they are so low?

I hear you are angry over the bailout, the stimulus, and other similar programs. The angry around the bailout I understand, but what was the issue with the stimulus? It is made up of tax cuts, extentions on unemployment and medical coverage, and public works, nothing I see objectionable. Why the anger over this? Why is it the tea party is supposed to be angry at wallstreet, yet don’t want any rules to prevent their unethical behavior.

I hear the tea party is angry over the corrupt politicians, yet I hear nothing from the tea party people about cutting the special interests from government, such as campaign

finance reform. Where are the tea partiers on fixing the system?

I hear the tea party is angry over the amount of spending the government is doing. Why wait until we are in a recession to be angry over the spending? It is after all the tried and tested method for reducing and counteracting recessions, deficit spending. What else would you have them do? I imagine you would say tax cuts, but you can’t cut taxes and at the same time expect the government to get out of debt.

Lastly I ask about social freedoms, as I hear the tea party talk about defending the constitution, yetI hear nothing, and have never heard anything from the tea party about the patriot act, or any other time the government has banned social freedoms. does the tea party care more about fighting taxes than social freedoms?

Oh, another thing, I personally view paying taxes as one of the more patriotic things an american can do, why does the tea party not agree with this idea?

This should be enough for now, I would hope for some quality civil responses to my questions.


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