Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt Revolution 2011 (Video) | America's Breaking Local And World News | Breaking News-Egypt Revolution 2011. The following video was posted on both Youtube and Twitvid and shows demonstraters on the streets of Egypt protesting in order to overthrow the government there.

Promising a “Friday of Wrath”, Egyptinas vowed to take to the streets to continue their protests in an effort to overthrow the government led by President Mubarak. In response, the Egyptian government shut down internet access to its citizens. Talk about swatting a hornets’ nest. I don’t know about Egyptians, but if the U.S. government ever took away Americans’ Facebook and Twitter, you better believe there’d be blood on the streets.

So what do you think of the rioting in Egypt? Is the government there corrupt and due for a change or are Egyptian citizens just overreacting and tired of high unemployment? Leave your comments below.

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