Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Marquette Basketball Revealed-A Lesson In Life And Social Media (Video) | America's Breaking Local And World News | Breaking News-Marquette Basketball Revealed-A Lesson In Life And Social Media. In late 2010, Jess Atkinson’s team at 3 Penny Films embedded with the Marquette University basketball team. Below is the first video they edited and filmed in a multi-part series that covers the school’s basketball team.

Marquette Basketball Revealed tells a story much bigger than basketball. By his own admission, head coach Buzz Williams says he feels a responsibility much greater than just teaching the kids basketball. In the first video of the Marquette Basketball Revealed series, Coach Williams holds a Life Lessons class on Character Revealed. At this point, I’ve only watched the first video in the series. I’m excited to watch many more of them and am impressed with not only what Coach Williams is doing, but what the school is doing with the videos and how it relates to social media.

You see, for those interested, Marquette Basketball Revealed tells us a lot about where social media is going. The school obviously wants to market itself, and rather than spend thousands on TV commercials or mailing lists, which they still may anyway, Marquette has chosen to present a series of documentary style films focusing on their basketball team. It just so happens that they have a pretty good team with a pretty decent coach. But Marquette’s forward thinking choice to use social media will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long run. Releasing the videos on their own website as well as Youtube, Marquette is making a statement about their values. Marquette’s values are reflecting what Web 2.0 and social media have been calling for–authenticity and transparency. It’s still unclear how Marquette’s basketball team will finish this year. But make no doubt about it, because of Marquette’s choice to use social media marketing to promote their school and brand their image, Marquette Basketball Revealed should continue to pay dividends back to the school long into the future.

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