Monday, January 24, 2011

Jack Lalanne Fitness Guru Dies At 96 (Video) | America's Breaking Local And World News

Latest News Story-Americas News Now-Jack Lalanne Fitness Guru Dies At 96. Before P90X, Billy Blanks, and even Jane Fonda, there was Jack Lalanne. Lalanne’s sole mission in life was to bring healthy eating and fitness to the masses. He passed away this past Sunday in his Morro Bay, California home from respiratory failure due to pneumonia. Lalanne was 96.

The fitness guru pioneered in-home workouts and healthy eating before it was such a trend. While Lalanne’s message preached that exercise and eating right could help you live a long time, unfortunately the laws of nature caught up to him. Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Jack Lalanne’s message of eating right and daily activity rings truer today than it did fifty years ago.

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